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Thank you for being here!


Azagette is a culmination of my life’s passion for photography, my fascination of others’ minds and psychology, my door to connection, a healing project, a dedication to my late father, an ode to everyday words and people, and a home for reflection, creativity, and admiration. There’s so much beauty in everyday life. I want to take a moment to pause for it.


The mission behind Azagette is to document the crossroads between one’s mind, heart, and soul. I’d like my photographs and documentation to be a window. A window where the subject sees a reflection of themselves and a window that allows others to see into the subject’s mind, heart, and soul. Together the subject, photographer, and viewer enter into a symbiotic relationship of discovery. 


Azagette is an invitation to open new doors and peak inside. It's thrilling to adventure your mind through another's. It is my hope that the words, feelings, and images found on Azagette move your mind to new depths, expand your heart, and ignite your soul.

                                               All the joy of colors


                                                                   Margo Gaza

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